NYS-HGC Submission Grappling

Rounds for Kids 12 & Under:

One - 5 minute round, win by submission or points.
One - Sudden death round, if needed, win by 1st takedown or standing submission

Points for Kids 12 & Under:

Takedown: 1 or 2 pts. depending....(2 if the takedown takes the match from standing, directly to a position of advantage on the ground. 1 point if the takedown takes the match from standing, to a neutral position)

Gaining a Position of Advantage: 1 Point
(gaining top mount, headlock hold down, side mount, or the taking the back with 2 hooks in)

Escaping a Position of Advantage: 1 Point
(going from a disadvantage position to a neutral position)

Reversal of Position: 2 Points
(going directly from disadvantage position to an advantage position)

How to Win a Match - Kids 12 & Under

1. Submission, or Points (in the 2nd round), or disqualification (2 fouls or referee's discretion)
2. Verbal tap out of the opponent: ("stop" or "mate" or if an opponent screams or yells.)
3. Judges may call any match. The judge will call a match if he/she feels there is potential harm to the competitor if the technique is fully applied, or if a competitor is disqualified.

Illegal Techniques:

Punishment is 1 foul or disqualification, at referees discretion. Strikes of any kind. Grappling submissions not applied in slow controlled, manner. Hair pulling, body slams (making your opponent land on his/her head), touching of eyes or groin, bitting, fishhooking, pressure point use or small joint manipulation (grabbing individual fingers or toes, wrenching the ears or nose, etc.) Thumbing, scratching, pinching, or pulling skin. No lubricants, oils, or lotions of any kind permitted on any part of the body or clothing. No unsportsmanlike conduct allowed as observed by referee: arguing with referee, or general bad attitude, spitting, use of foul language, obscene gestures, talking during the match, except to tap verbally, etc. Warning will be given for this conduct & points awarded to opponent. Repeat offenders will be disqualified.

Legal Techniques:

All finishing techniques must be applied in a gradual and safe manner or will result in disqualification!!! Safety First!!! Chokes, neck cranks, arm bars, shoulder, wrist, and hip locks, knee, foot, and ankle locks, key locks, heel hooks. No heel hooks in Teen or Children Divisions.

• When grappling, students are taught to do joint hyperextension and chokes. During this process scratches may occur. It is extremely important that students tap out so injuries do not occur.

• If there are 3 competitors we will use the by-system. There must be at least 2 competitors in a division or we will combine them in another group.

• No Stalling! (backing out of the guard without engaging, no activity, butt scooting, fleeing the ring to avoid take-down or submission attempts.)
Referee will issue a warning for the 1st offense. A 2nd offense will result in a 1 point advantage to your opponent. A 3rd offense will result in a disqualification.

• Referee has the discretion to call a match for use of excessive force (competitor refu
ses to release pressure after opponent submits or opponent refuses to submit and the referee believes that the submission will cause immediate damge or injury.) The referee will be shown maximum respect at all times. Their decisions are final and will not be disputed. WE WILL NOT REVIEW ANY VIDEOS TAKEN TO DISPUTE A REF'S DECISON.

• If the competitors near the edges of the ring, the judge will restart them in a standing, or back to original position. The referee will make the call!

We use USA Submission Grappling rules, which are quite different than rule systems presently used in many other organizations.