Weights & Divisions
NYS-HGC Submission Grappling


Beginners: Up to 1.5 years
Intermediate: 1.5 to 3 years
Advanced: 3 years and over

Roosters: 130 & Under   •  Feather Weight: 131-145
Light Weight: 146-160   •  Welter Weight: 161-175
Middle Weight: 176-190  •  Light Heavy Weight: 191-205
Heavy Weight: 206-220   •   Super Heavy Weight: 221 & Over

SENIORS(40 & over) - light, middle, heavy

MASTERS (30-39) - light, middle, heavy

WOMEN - light, middle, heavy

(All kid & teen divisions are kept within a 10-18 lb range)

Ages 5 & 6:  Light - Middle - Light Heavy - Heavy
Ages 7 & 8:  Light - Middle - Light Heavy - Heavy
Ages 9 & 10:  Light - Middle - Light Heavy - Heavy
Ages 11 & 12:  Light - Middle - Light Heavy - Heavy
Ages 13-15:  Light - Middle - Light Heavy - Heavy
Ages 16-17:  Light - Middle - Light Heavy - Heavy

*If you wrestled in high school or college, you need to enter as at least an intermediate.

*Divisions are subject to change depending on size of event; combined or expanded.

*Birth certificate or driver's license may be asked for at weigh-ins.
If your child is big for his/her age, please bring their birth certificate in case a competitor or coach questions their age.

*In all divisions, competitors from the same school will not be matched up unless it's unavoidable.

*An error must be corrected before a match begins. Once the match starts, no changes will be made.

*Referees have the ability to call any match for any reason: unsafe techniques, unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect to referees, out of control parents or coaches.

*No one will be allowed to compete under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

*Promoter Has the Right to Refuse Any Entry to this Invitational Event!

*Divisions May Be Combined if There Are Not at Least
3 Competitors in Any Division

*We May Add a Division if Needed
Due to Weights or Quantity of Competitors