Printable Registration
& Waiver Forms

These forms will be available at the event
& you may fill them out then.
However, if you will not be accompanying your minor child
to the tournament, you must send a signed waiver with them
or they will not be permitted to compete.

If you registered online, you DO NOT NEED
to fill out the registration form.

When you arrive at the event, go to the PRE-REGISTERED line
and you will need to sign a waiver
that we will have set aside for you.

Print These Forms ONLY IF:

• You DID NOT register online & you are going to
register at the door & you want to have the forms filled
out before you arrive at the event.

• You are under 18 years of age and
will be coming to the event without a parent or guardian.

Next Event:
April 2021
NYS-HGC Grappling Championship