We use USA Submission Grappling rules (3-2-1),

which are quite different than rule systems presently used in many other organizations.

Kids & Teens Rounds:
One - 3 minute round, win by submission.
One - 2 minute round, win by submission or points.
One - Sudden death round, win by 1st takedown or standing submission

4-6 Years Old:

Simulated Submission Only

2 Minute Round:

With the most points for submissions

Adult Rounds:
Round 1 Time Limits:
• Novice - 3 Minutes
• Beginner - 3 Minutes
• Intermediate - 4 Minutes
• Advanced - 6 Minutes

Round 2 Time Limits:
• Novice - 2 Minutes
• Beginner - 2 Minutes
• Intermediate - 2 Minutes
• Advanced - 2 Minutes

Round 3 Time Limits:
• Novice - No time limit
• Beginner - No time limit
• Intermediate - No time limit
• Advanced - No time limit

Points: (for 2nd round only)

Takedown: 1 or 2 pts. depending....(2 if the takedown takes the match from standing, directly to a position of advantage on the ground. 1 point if the takedown takes the match from standing, to a neutral position)

Gaining a Position of Advantage: 1 Point
(gaining top mount, headlock hold down, side mount, or the taking the back with 2 hooks in)

Escaping a Position of Advantage: 1 Point
(going from a disadvantage position to a neutral position)

Reversal of Position: 2 Points
(going directly from disadvantage position to an advantage position)

How to Win a Match:
1. Submission, or Points (in the 2nd round), or disqualification
(2 fouls or referee's discretion)
2. Verbal tap out of the opponent: ("stop" or "mate" or if an opponent screams or yells.)
3. Judges may call any match.
The judge will call a match if he/she feels there is potential harm to the competitor if the technique is fully applied,

or if a competitor is disqualified.

Gi is Single Elimination and No-Gi is Double Elimination

Modified Double Elimination: for No-Gi brackets with over 5 competitors. This means if you win through the bracket and meet someone that you have defeated before, for the second time, you do not have to defeat them again.

True Double Elimination: for No-Gi brackets with 5 or under competitors. This means that every competitor has to be defeated twice in a match to be eliminated from competition without exception. In this case you may have to face the same person twice even though you have defeated them previously. As well, if you have been defeated by someone and meet them again, you may have to defeat them in two separate matches to eliminate them from the bracket.

Simulated Submission (4-6 year olds)

Simulated Submission divisions allow fights to continue even after an opponent has "tapped".

These submissions will be awarded points and will supersede any positional advantage.

A simulated submission is defined by a competitor applying a legal submission position to their opponent with proper technique and control. The referee does NOT have to wait for a "tapping" motion from the fighter to stop the match and award a submission point. Nor does the legal submission position have to be fully applied.

In our Simulated Submission Divisions, fighters will score a point for each submission position applied. The referee will stop the match before possible injury, award 1 submission point and then restart both competitors on their feet. These points supersede positional points when determining a winner.

Legal Submissions - Adult Divisions (18 years and up)

Legal submissions include all variations of wrist locks, armbars, shoulder locks, chokes, neck locks, torso locks, Leg locks (including hip, knee and ankle), compression locks(arm and leg)(also known as slicers)

Under 18 Divisions (4 years to 17 years)

Legal submissions include all variations of wrist locks, armbars, shoulder locks, chokes, *Leg locks (including hip, knee and ankle), compression locks(arm and leg)(also known as slicers)

*see Illegal Submissions - Under 18 Divisions for specifics on leglock based submissions for under 18.

Illegal Submissions - Adult Divisions (18 years and up)

Illegal submissions include all submissions that attack a joint smaller than the wrist or ankle including all variations of finger locks and toe locks. (toe holds are legal because it attacks the ankle not the toes)

No Heel Hooks in Mens Novice Division (6 mos or less)

Under 18 Divisions (4 years to 17 years)

Illegal submissions include all submissions that attack a joint smaller than the wrist or ankle including all variations of finger locks and toe locks. All variations of **intentional neck locks, torso locks, heel hooks and toe holds are illegal for under 18.

**intentional neck locks means that it is applied knowingly to try to submit the opponent in a twisting or barring the neck motion. Example: Sitting in mount position and wrapping the arms around the back of the neck in figure four and applying a squeezing, twisting or barring motion. The referee will not consider the technique an intensional neck lock if the opponent puts his/her own head/neck in a twisted or barred position in an attempt to escape a choke or other legal submission. If the Referee feels that the opponent is in danger, the Referee may call a safety stoppage and will award the win to the competitor that was initially applying the legal submission.

No Stalling. (Both Competitors must be working to improve position and apply submissions. Standing or in a grounded position competitors may not go backwards more than the equivalent of 2 steps without moving forward to attack or improve their position. Securing and holding the position for an excessive period of time (over 20 seconds - Referees discretion) without attempts to improve or submit will be warned once for stalling. (no stop in match)The second warning is a foul and the competitors will be stood back up and restarted. This may affect the score. There will be no additional warnings.

The next offense in the match will be called as the second foul and will result in disqualification from the match.
No attacks to the eyes of the competitor.
(Up to 5 Minutes Recovery if Match continues)
Intentional contact to the groin is not allowed.
(Up to 5 Minutes Recovery if Match continues)
No biting or fish hooking (fingers in mouth)
Placing your fingers in any orifice is not allowed.
No slamming from Guard or submission defense from above the waist.
No strikes of any kind.
No uncontrolled throws. (throwing some away from you - i.e. Pro wrestling body slam)
No spiking an opponent on their head.
No Biting, Pinching, gouging or pulling hair
No applying any submission in a violent or excessive manner .(must give the opponent a chance to tap out. - Referees discretion)
Intentionally attempting to injure your opponent.
Cursing or arguing with a referee, opponent, coach or event staff member.
The above techniques can be deemed ***un-sportsmanlike conduct and can result in disqualification from the match or tournament.

***Un-sportsmanlike Conduct is defined as any act considered to be a physical display of disrespect to an official, other competitor or spectator. This includes but is not limited to arguing with an official, profanity, vulgarity, throwing of equipment, speaking in a loud or disrespectful manner. These results in one or all of the following: warning to the competitor, points awarded to the opponent, disqualification of the competitor from the match and or disqualification from the tournament.

• When grappling, students are taught to do joint hyperextension and chokes.
During this process scratches may occur. It is extremely important that students
tap out so injuries do not occur.

• If there are 3 competitors we will use the by-system.

There must be at least 2 competitors in a division or we will combine them in another group.

• Weight divisions are the same for Gi and No-Gi.

• Absolute divisions are single elimination.

• Referee has the discretion to call a match for use of excessive force (competitor refuses to release pressure after opponent submits or opponent refuses to submit and the referee believes that the submission will cause immediate damge or injury.)

The referee will be shown maximum respect at all times. Their decisions are final and will not be disputed.


• If the competitors near the edges of the ring, the judge will restart them in a standing, or back to original position.

The referee will make the call!

*If you wrestled in high school or college, you need to enter as at least an intermediate.

*Divisions are subject to change depending on size of event; combined or expanded.

*Birth certificate or driver's license may be asked for at weigh-ins.
If your child is big for his/her age, please bring their birth certificate in case a competitor or coach questions their age.

*In all divisions, competitors from the same school will not be matched up
unless it's unavoidable.

*If you are a senior or a master, you may compete in the mens divisions, but you cannot do both.

*An error must be corrected before a match begins.
Once the match starts, no changes will be made.

*Referees have the ability to call any match for any reason: unsafe techniques, unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect to referees, out of control parents or coaches.

*No one will be allowed to compete under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

*Promoter Has the Right to Refuse Any Entry to this Invitational Event!

Attire for No-Gi

Board shorts/MMA shorts are ok as long as they don't have belt loops or pockets.

Gi pants are not recommended because someone can accidentally grab them.

Shirt or no shirt is up to you.

A rashguard is recommended.

Wrestling shoes or barefoot, either is fine.

Welcome To

Norman Yonkers' Grappling Championship